Monday, March 2, 2009

Relying on "The Cloud"

After reading "There's silver lining to Google's cloud computing glitch" by John Naughton, I pondered the following quote:

Andy Grove, then the CEO of Intel, said in 1999, "In five years, companies that are not internet companies won't be companies at all." He was widely ridiculed at the time. But in fact he was very perceptive. What he meant was that we were entering a period when internet access would become like electricity supply: very few companies generate electricity, but all companies use - and rely on - it.

More and more great services are available "in the cloud" but they require Internet access. This makes me thing about the "Internet OS." What is next in providing access to all of these resources? Google Gears is a next step but only a stepping stone in my eyes. Operating Systems are going to take on a whole new dynamic in the future and it will be based on cloud computing. What are your thoughts?